progros hotels receive over 2.3 million euros

Over 17 million euro of savings on direct purchasing costs for hotels

For purchases made in 2017, progros has distributed over 2.3 million euros to hotels as a bonus over these days. In total in the past year, progros achieved savings of around 17 million euros on direct purchasing costs for hotels.


The high amount once again is the result of all purchases that progros hotels have made in the past year, from the over 570 certified progros supply and service partners. In addition to direct savings, the bonus payments also reduce the purchasing costs of the hotels. In a way that is 100-percent transparent and tamper-proof, progros undertakes the entire coordination, control and reconciliation of all refunds here, to which the hotels are entitled on the basis of their turnover with progros suppliers.


“We check the entire purchase turnover of all operations with the suppliers to the precise cent, we calculate refunds due, persistently demand them, and distribute the amount. For the hotels, this is a massive time advantage and they also have the guaranteed certainty that no money is lost,” Oehler explains. The highest amount of a bonus payment cheque for an individual hotel this year was over 32,000 euros.


All in. Do it!

Anke Cimbal, Corporate Communication Director