progros PROJECT... the furnishing & equipment package "buy" construction & renovation. 100%-neutral project management. A one-stop solution Tailor-made for hotels, resorts, long stays / apartments, residences and similar projects. We undertake 100% supplier-neutral, budget-safe procurement management on your behalf for the furnishing and fitting out of new properties or those undergoing renovation. Both for furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) and for operating supplies and equipment (OS&E). From identifying investments to sampling, tendering and contract award management to delivery date supervision, receipt of goods, documentation & invoicing.

KELMAA, me and all Hotel Kiel; me and all Hotels; made by Lindner;
For more than 100 properties, progros PROJECT has performed the complete project management for the procurement of FF&E and OS&E or only OS&E or only FF&E. Among these is the me and all hotel kiel.

Our service is completely customised and tailored in detail to match your project. You have a fixed contact person "buy" progros, who is only there for you. The purchasing process is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (DEKRA). progros realises 10-15 new hotel construction projects a year. Throughout Europe. And that for over 2 decades.

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Your benefits

  • Budgeting certainty from constant cost control
  • Time saving in procurement
  • Transparency & tamper-proofing in the entire procurement process
  • Correct products, goods, furniture according to the business concept
  • Cost-optimised procurement

Our services for you

  • Complete implementation of procurement of new equipment from the related inventory (FF&E – furniture, equipment, building technology, kitchen etc.) as well as movable fittings (OS&E – table top, decoration, restaurant, bar and kitchen equipment, utensils etc.)
  • FF&E and OS&E investment cost estimate
  • FF&E and OS&E procurement list
  • Sample organisation, implementation and follow-up
  • Organisation, implementation and follow-up of all required sampling
  • Tendering, offer evaluations, offer handover
  • Neutral (100% supplier-independent) tendering using defined specifications
  • Order processing, procurement implementation, delivery schedule control, complete organisation, implementation and control of the ordering process for all areas
  • Goods acceptance & coordination including personal inspection of products, quantities, qualities, condition including documentation of complaints / incorrect deliveries / damaged goods by progros as well as organisation of replacement procurement
  • Invoice checking, billing and after-opening services
  • Documentation and records (file)
  • After-opening service (+3 months after opening)
  • Control by a personal project management team “buy” progros

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For more than 100 objects, progros PROJECT has performed or is currently performing the complete project management for the procurement of FF&E and OS&E or only OS&E or only FF&E (budget, sourcing, sampling, tendering, awarding, ordering, delivery date control, goods receipt & control, documentation, invoicing).

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