Bespoke purchasing...We help you to optimise your purchasing procedures sustainably and strategically. In our Consulting division, we offer you expert neutral advice, analysis, conceptualisation, strategy development and negotiation management tailored perfectly to you. You tell us where “the shoe pinches” and we are on hand to support you and your team.


Familiarise yourself now with “Purchasing unlimited” – a unique programme for the sector: Purchasing unlimited – 100% supplier-neutral, strategic purchasing management “buy” progros: condition controls, range and contract management including conducting negotiations, training & project control as well as provision, maintenance and first-level support for our online ordering platform. Your own universal central purchasing from one source “buy” progros!


progros has conducted over 200 individual consulting projects and analyses in recent years. In total, 35 hotels also use the “Buying unlimited” programme and employ progros for their central purchasing.


Projects realized

since 2010



Purchasing volume

Strategically accounted for


million EUR

Purchasing unlimited

Strategic central purchasing






Your benefits

  • 100% supplier-neutral
  • 100% coverage of all ranges
  • Security through professional support
  • Documentation of savings / tamper-proofing
  • Easy implementation
  • Time saving for you
  • High acceptance in the whole team
  • Implementation by industry experts from the hospitality sector

Our services for you

Purchasing unlimited
  • The absolute innovation in the hotel industry – Complete adoption of strategic central purchasing – The new premium class in supply chain management – With these 100% supplier-neutral services
  • All ranges
  • Complete purchasing management
  • Close cooperation with all departments
  • Point of contact for all purchasing enquiries / replacement purchases / new purchases
  • Contract management
  • Supplier management
  • Ongoing condition control
  • Complaint management
  • New listings / delisting
  • Innovation management – “sourcing” for new ideas & concepts across all areas
  • Rebate management
Project-related tendering
  • 100% supplier-neutral
  • Calculation of procurement volume (quantities, type, costs) etc.
  • Optimisation of range shopping basket / “new” shopping basket design in consultation with heads of department, such as kitchen etc.
  • Preparation of tendering documents
  • Execution of the tendering and evaluation
  • BEST buy recommendation
  • Tastings / sample validations
  • Final negotiation
  • Contract preparation as well as contract review
  • Implementation management
Situation analysis of buying
  • 100% supplier-neutral
  • Complete preparation of questionnaires/interviews for the situation analysis, agenda and schedule by progros
  • Preliminary discussion and consultation with the project manager (poss. other people) on site during a visit
  • Interview for every department that is relevant for purchasing
  • Assessment and evaluation as well as brief recommendation of measures by progros in the form of an analysis report for the customer
  • Personal presentation and explanation on site
Conceptualisation of purchasing guidelines
  • 100% supplier-neutral
  • Creation & description of guidelines/standards for
    • Orders
    • Goods acceptance
    • Goods issue
    • Inventories
    • Controlling / invoices / spot checks
  • Presentation of documentation: supplier contracts / contract management
  • Handbook of purchasing guidelines in printed and electronic form
  • Presentation purchasing guidelines on site to the customer incl. training

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