The new digital platforms „buy“ progros

  • Order (ordering), Inventory (materials management), Invoice (accounts payable management)
  • Two different digital platforms to choose from
  • Custom combination of individual platform modules on request
  • Technology, integration, training, first-level support from a single source
  • Certified & audit-compliant & mobile

progros DIGITAL

100% digital...100% NEW... From now on you have not just one, but two digital platforms to choose from with "buy" progros: two different, top modern, 100% supplier-open platforms for the digitalisation of all ordering, materials management and invoicing processes. This gives you greater choice and flexibility, because the individual modules of the relevant platforms can even be combined with each other. Your great advantage: technology, integration, training, consulting – progros supplies all this from a single source. In addition, all the Web: Tools we have been using since 2006 / 2008 have again been upgraded to a new level. Voice input, barcode scanning via an app, automated invoice reconciliation as well as delivery note and order matching are now standard features.


Digital "buy" progros

Web: Tools "buy" progros – All individual work and process steps involved in procurement are networked with Web: Tools "buy" progros and coordinated in a smart and accessible way. "Procure-to-pay" – ordering (Order), materials management (Inventory), invoice management (Invoice), contract management (Contract). Multi-level approval workflows, purchase price tracking, price comparisons, multi-client capable, multilingual, scalable, standardisable, audit compliant. With existing interfaces to around 40 leading financial accounting systems and a number of leading cash register systems.


Our particular additional speciality: a web team with its roots in the hotel industry will accompany you from integration to daily use of the systems. This means short communication channels, appreciation for your work and plain language instead of technical jargon.


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Your benefits

  • Short process relief and time saving of over 70% compared with manual processes
  • Maximum transparency, as all activities are logged
  • No installation required, as web-based (SaaS – Software as a Service)
  • High fail-safety from double servers in security centres
  • Tamper-proofing through multi-stage approval workflows
  • Improvement of your purchasing conditions through daily price tracking
  • Optimisation of cash flow through information on orders triggered and optimal payment terms
  • Flexibility from location-independent access to all processes
  • First-level support complete from progros

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