progros UNITED

progros UNITED - the "buy" progros purchasing pool... The best of both – advantages in terms of conditions like a central purchasing department, and all the flexibility and freedom of an individual company. Highly professional purchasing system with around 570 high-volume framework agreements for all product ranges, central online invoicing, digital ordering system (also as an app) as well as advanced consulting services for measurable savings in purchasing costs, the procurement process and payment. Plug & play. Immediate. Enhanced purchasing. Improved costs. Better processes.

Purchasing Pool

Product selection

F&B, non-food, investment



Supply partners

Specific to the hotel industry



Savings achieved

EUR/year on purchase prices








Your benefits

  • Optimisation & reduction of all purchasing expenditure with centrally negotiated conditions
  • Supply and procurement reliability through quality-certified & tested brand suppliers & service providers specifically for the hospitality sector
  • Transparency by comparing & contrasting bids
  • Time saved with professional purchasing advice from the hotel industry & top catering experts
  • Payment simplification & tamper-proofing with digital central regulation & invoice archive

Our services for you

570 quality suppliers
  • National & regional suppliers
  • Food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, coffee etc.)
  • Beverage (soft drinks, juices, beers, wines, spirits etc.)
  • Capital goods (IT, software, conference technology, signage etc.)
  • Building services (lighting, tools, air-conditioning systems, door locking systems etc.)
  • Consumer goods (small office and kitchen items, cleaning agents, hotel cosmetics etc.)
  • Services (insurance, credit cards, energy management etc.)
  • Vehicles (commercial vehicles, private, leasing/purchase etc.)
  • Energy (water, gas, electricity, CHP etc.)
Better purchase prices
  • Access to all centrally negotiated volume prices
  • Immediate savings
  • Discounts and preferential conditions
  • Ongoing further negotiations of all product ranges and conditions by progros
Reliable rebates
  • Additional tiered rebates or individual rebates of up to 5% on virtually all purchase turnover with progros suppliers
  • Complete invoicing and payment by progros for you
  • Tamper-proof control by progros
Personal purchasing advice
  • Personal expert advice from the purchasing experts
  • Specialist teams for the areas of food, beverage, furniture, consumer goods, technology, services
  • Quotation service
Smart online ordering
  • Cross-supplier online ordering platform of progros (FutureLog)
  • Conditions and product updating by progros
  • Approx. 90,000 products from F&B as well as the area of consumables (status 10/18)
  • Orders from customers by PC, tablet (app to order) or scanner
  • Direct support and training from progros (first-level support)
Digital invoicing
  • Central recording of your original incoming invoices from all progros suppliers by progros
  • Daily forwarding to you
  • Payment release in the online invoice portal with note and forwarding function as well as tamper-proof invoice archive
  • All invoices – just one payment
my progros
  • Supplier and range overview, rebate provisions
  • Turnover overview for the month / cumulative year / previous year
  • Offers, actions, checklists
Personal assistant
  • Personal purchasing support on site
  • Annual review incl. recommendations for further optimisation of your purchasing results
  • Cost-benefit clarification/calculation
  • Direct contact during the year

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