Valuable companies need values – and the same is true for progros. They are part of our corporate culture. Individually and collectively, they aim to improve the value added and market success of our customers sustainably and measurably through clever supply chain management solutions.

Everything included – All instruments & solutions that contribute to sustainable improvement in supply chain management are available from one source “buy” progros – from investment planning through sourcing to ordering and invoice management.

Acting fairly – We negotiate the best possible conditions. Clear on the matter. Clear on the objective. But not at any price. And always with respect for the negotiating partner.

Quality “first” – Buy cheap: buy twice. Anyone can do it cheaply. The art is in finding products & services on the market, which optimally fulfil the conceptual requirements of a hotel or restaurant – in terms of quality, suitability, reliability or availability.

POWER – Would have, should have, could have… not with us! We are movers and shakers. And we get things done! Every day, with pleasure, passion & positivity.

One touch – Short processes for everything that we can influence directly in supply chain management, for greater time savings & efficiency.

All eyes on us – Transparency, multistage approval workflows, tamper-proofing. These are key elements in supply chain management, where lots of money and trust are concerned.

Sounds good – We foster open and transparent communication respectfully and as equals – both internally and externally.

We help – The focus of our action is on the service and the solution, not on explaining why something is not possible.

Only you – Every single employee is regarded as an “entrepreneur in the company” and accordingly acts independently and autonomously.

Wind of change – Lateral thinking desired! Rethinking even. We question what we do, every day, without deliberately throwing out the tried and tested. We are open to new ideas and concepts and allow ourselves to make “mitsakes” sometimes in the development of innovations. For us, that is part of evolution.

Ready? Go!

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Clear as daylight

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All in. Do it!

Brit Haase, Customer Service Director (left)
Christine Fröde, Central Purchasing Administration Manager (right)