5 Questions to… Johann Kerkhofs

Brief interview with the entrepreneur and creative mind behind new hotel brand ARBOREA

1. Mr Kerkhofs, you launched a new hotel concept, ARBOREA RESORTS, in 2017. What is special about ARBOREA?

JK: ARBOREA is revolutionising the holiday hotel industry! First and foremost, it is about the experience together with other people, preferably outdoors in nature. That is why our motto is: Experience. Together. The resort facilities – for all their importance and uniqueness – takes a backseat here.



Johann Kerkhofs is the Managing Director of Orange Lion, which he founded in 2005 – a consulting company for the development of innovative hospitality concepts. The latest project from the innovative think tank is called ARBOREA Hotels & Resorts and its first site opened in 2017. progros is responsible for procurement planning, organisation and implementation for the first ARBOREA hotel in Neustadt, on the Baltic Sea.


2. How exactly did you come up with this new concept?

JK: On holiday, many people want more than just to relax. They finally have time to meet new people, to experience an adventure or to be creative. By helping our guests to do this, they take back much more to their everyday lives.


3. What is next for ARBOREA after the opening of the ARBOREA Marina Resort?

JK: At the moment, we are preparing the ARBOREA Montafon Resort in St. Gallenkirch, right by the ski slopes of Silvretta Montafon – the first ARBOREA in the mountains! We are planning the one after that for Harz, a German highland destination. There will be ARBOREA RESORTS in sporting paradises on the water, in the mountains or in the forest, for example in Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol, the Netherlands, Spain, Scotland, Ireland or England.


4. For the project management, what specifically made you think of progros?

JK: Experience. Together – that is our motivation, including in the cooperation with our partners. For us, it is not only the service that must be right but also the collaboration. With progros, we were convinced of both from the outset


5. If you had to describe progros in three words, which would it be?

JK: Reliable, empathic, transparent!


Mr Kerkhofs, thank you for your time.