Sascha “Ali” de Clerque – 10 years at allinvos


Congratulations to Sascha “Ali” de Clerque, CEO of allinvos, on your 10th anniversary with the company. And congratulations for an outstanding and extraordinary career and your many great successes.


I can still very well remember how we reached you on your mobile phone in your new flat in Düsseldorf – you were standing on a ladder in the process of decorating – and invited you spontaneously to a job interview in Cologne just 90 minutes later. And you? You naturally arrived on time. In a fresh set of clothes and with a couple of splashes of paint still in your face. We reached agreement within thirty minutes and you plunged into what was so far the biggest adventure of your career.


You started as Director Projects & Hotel Support on 1 May 2008. You became an authorised signatory back in 2011, with the high point following at the beginning of 2017 when you became sole director of our smart & agile digi-tech company. In addition, you also act as Director Web:Tools, the digital business unit at progros.

During your time as CEO of – just since the beginning of 2017 – the number of hotels and restaurants using allinvos has risen from 164 to – hold on to your hats – 510. It’s an outstanding success that you and your team achieved. And something you can be extremely proud of.


Dear Sascha, you are a first-rate manager, a great colleague, a real team player, an innovator, a source of inspiration and simply a wonderful human being.


On behalf of Dieter Tuxhorn, Marcus Smola, Alexander Kühnlein and all of us dedicated to making hotels successful, I’d like to wish you all the very best for the future. And we’d be delighted to accompany you on your mission to explore new worlds and galaxies.


Jochen Oehler
CEO progros / Strategy Director DEHAG AG