Michael Falk – procurement hero for 20 years


Does such a thing exist? It definitely does! 2019 is the year of anniversaries, as Michael Falk and progros also have something to celebrate – to be specific, 20 years of procurement heroism Michael joined us from the Sheraton Airport Hotel in the spring of 1999 as a buyer. Back then, the entire progros team including hotel development was all of 4 people “strong”. progros has now grown to around 50 PROfectionists, with the largest share naturally working in central procurement.


Michael Falk has experienced a meteoric career in his time with progros. He was initially responsible for technical purchasing, was soon made Deputy Purchasing Manager and some time later became Deputy Director Central Purchasing. Michael Falk has been Director Central Purchasing as well as authorised signatory, and thus Member of the Management Board at progros, since mid-2018.

What we admire about you, Michael, is your organisational talent, your calm manner, your structured, networked thinking, your keen perception and above all your great personal and professional development you have seen over all these years. You have become a very important element for progros and the entire DEHAG World of Hospitality. But you are above all else a key part of our team.


We wish you all the best and, we hope, continuing success and great times with procurement “buy” progros.


Jochen Oehler       Tommi Huuhtanen
CEO                       Board Member