Koblenz College of Hotel Management on a visit to progros


The Julius Wegeler College of Hotel Management in Koblenz recently paid a visit to progros in Eschborn. The purpose of the visit was to give the 15 participants a closer understanding of the topic of supply chain management in the hospitality sector. How does supply chain management function in practice? How does a supply chain management company work? And what obstacles and restrictions need to be considered?


A further item on the agenda was digital transformation. More specifically: how are digital and automated processes changing the back office area in hotels? Where is the specific potential for the hotel industry? And above all: how can automation optimise ordering and procurement processes? These and other questions posed during the trip were picked up by Jochen Oehler, progros CEO and DEHAG Strategy Director and Sascha de Clerque, allinvos CEO and Web:Tools Director in order to illustrate day-to-day operations at progros to the future hotel management specialists and to underline their importance in the market.


The study visit was organised by Lea Engel, currently Junior Manager Web:Tools at progros. Lea completed advanced training in hotel management at the Julius Wegeler College of Hotel Management in Koblenz, where she and her team won the regional Business Start-up Award.


Thank you for your visit to Eschborn!