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Be a winner with procurement solutions “buy” progros.

Hospitality Experts Supply Chain Management

Purchasing Pool

Reduce your costs in purchasing – immediatly!


fast, simple, secure – improved buying prices with 570 negotiated supplier agreements, time-saving and buying assurance with professional buying service, transparency and simplification with central invoicing and online ordering

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Automatize long-winded back office processes – it’s so easy!

Web: Tools

DO IT DIGITALLY – creditor management – order system – merchandise management. Everything online – everything modular – this is “procure-to-pay”, 100% online.

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Improve your purchasing processes and structures enduringly


analysis of the current status of your buying and – NEW – buying unlimited – 100% supplier-neutral, strategic buying management “buy” progros for you: controls of terms and conditions, product range and contract management including handling of negotiations. Your own comprehensive central buying

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Projects (FF&E, OS&E)

New construction & renovation. 100% neutral procurement

Projects (FF&E, OS&E)

100% supplier-neutral, budget-compliant buying management for the equipping and fitting of new hotels with furnishings and user technology (FF&E) as well as operative equipment (OS&E) – from investment ascertainment to providing samples and tenders as well as goods receipt and documentation

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