Disruptive technologies – sponsor group in discussion with students


What disruptive technologies is the hotel industry using today and will it use tomorrow? How much is it investing in digitalisation and automation and in what areas? And where do the restaurant trade and the hotel industry stand with regard to the use of artificial intelligence in the operational and strategic management of their businesses?


These and other questions were discussed at the meeting of the Association for the Promotion of the Heilbronn Hospitality Symposium in Eschborn / Taunus on 9 April 2019. The host for the meeting was progros, which has been also been a sponsor since 2012. Jochen Oehler, progros CEO, said, “We are deliberately seeking close professional ties with research and development bodies. This has provided an important basis for our innovative development for many years. Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and the Heilbronn Hospitality Symposium are a good source of new triggers and thought-provoking ideas.”


Participants in the discussions and workshop included Prof. Dr Christian Buer and Prof. Dr Markus Zeller from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, Lorenz ter Veen, Livinghotels / DERAG, Magnus Schwartze, Living Hotel Kanzler (Bonn), André Röske, ADA Cosmetics, Maik Wichmann, Block House Frankfurt, Dr Joachim Allhoff from the market research institute H-InfaM, Jochen Oehler, progros CEO, students Franziska Biber, Vanessa Brun, Celia Dyzmann, Pascal Hofer and Valerie Hornkohl as well as Rebecca Rode, who is the project coordinator.


“The Heilbronn Hospitality Symposium will be taking place on 7 November 2019, when we will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Our focus at this year's symposium will be on ‘Disruptive technologies in hospitality industry’. The goal of today's workshop was to define the theme of the symposium with students and with representatives of the sponsor group,” says Prof. Dr Christian Buer from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.


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