2.4 million EUR bonus from procurement “buy” progros


Millions for progros establishments – 7% bonus increase

In the coming days, around EUR 2,400,000 in bonuses and rebates will be paid out to establishments in the progros purchasing pool. The reimbursements are calculated on the basis of the purchase turnover that the businesses achieved with the 570 progros supply and service partners in 2018. “The average increase per establishment is 7%,” says Franziska Jeske, Director Controlling at progros in Eschborn.

Dual-checking principle, audit compliance and documentation

Every single step in the calculation, documentation and payment of the reimbursement sums is logged electronically. Jeske: “We have always and without exception stood for a flawless, transparent and secure calculation and payment of refunds. In the process, we compare the turnover and claims of the hotels against the relevant supplier agreement down to the last cent and ensure the entire reconciliation through to central payment by us. This relieves the establishments of a huge amount of work, simplifies their processes, guarantees audit compliance and also ensure that all claims without exception are honoured in the hotels as agreed with our supply partners.”

Effective digital invoice portal

All the hotels and restaurants connected to the progros purchasing pool, which gives them free use of the web-based invoice portal, have taken a great leap forward. This online invoice portal, which went live at the end of 2017, digitalises all incoming invoices from progros suppliers and makes them available to each establishment in an audit-compliant form on a daily basis. The portal, which includes a small workflow function, allows all documents to be processed and approved and payments to be triggered. Every processing step is documented. Invoices can of course also be printed out, downloaded and forwarded by e-mail, if required.

Connection to financial accounting systems

The expansion of the online invoice portal into a comprehensive, web-based vendor management system has been very successful. Hundreds of hotels have already switched to the add-on solution. The clever thing about such a system is that it captures and processes all the invoices of a hotel – i.e. invoices from progros suppliers as well as from their “own” suppliers. “This means that every hotel and every hotel chain has all its vendor invoices available in a single system – with a single view. Interfaces to over 30 leading financial accounting systems enable the automated transfer of all posting records including account allocation and cost centre information. Furthermore, the vendor management system is networked with an upstream ordering system. Jeske: “And because it uses AI (artificial intelligence), it is possible to perform e.g. fully automated comparisons between invoices, delivery notes and purchase orders at an article level.”