10th anniversary for Christine Fröde

Anniversary "buy" progros

Congratulations to you, Christine Fröde, on your 10th anniversary with procurement “buy” progros – although 10 years of progros is not quite correct…it is actually 10 years in the DEHAG World of Hospitality. Christine is a trained office management assistant and business studies graduate who started out as a telemarketing specialist with Best Western Germany in 2009. She then spent 5 years as Telemarketing Coordinator before switching “in da house” to progros in 2014, i.e. 5 years ago, where she works as Administration Manager in Central Purchasing. This role covers the entire coordination of delivery deadlines as well as additional support tasks in Central Purchasing.


Many thanks, Christine, for your work and commitment on our behalf – especially in Central Purchasing, where you provide great support and relief with your formidable organisational talent, without which we would sometimes be all at sea…:). It is good to have you as such a valuable asset in the progros team.


We hope you’ll stay with us for many years to come.!


All the very best


Tommi Huuhtanen                                                                         Michael Falk

Board Member and Head of Central Purchasing                          Authorised Signatory and Director Central Purchasing