NOW NEW & free of charge: The progros invoice app

Process invoices cleverly by mobile

New and free of charge in the app store: The smart progros app for digital invoice management is available now for all progros customers.


With this, we offer an additional service to all progros customers, allowing work in the digital invoice portal or creditor management system conveniently on a smartphone or tablet. You can use the new, free app to access all your progros invoices by mobile, to grant functional approval for them, to annotate them and much more besides.

What the new progros app offers for you:

  • Dashboard that can be configured individually, with information such as invoices on which discount is at risk, due or overdue payments, outstanding invoices etc.
  • Archive with access to all invoices and comprehensive search, including by creditor, invoice, payment date, amount or invoice receipt
  • Overview of outstanding invoices, invoices for approval, and invoices for payment release
  • Simple help function at every point in the app
  • Detailed view of all invoices, including invoice details, notes, information such as last price adjustment (full version only), log of invoice processing
  • Smart approval of invoices with one click or swipe
  • Mail function – smart function to be able to send any invoice immediately by mail with one click
  • Settings can all be selected in German and English

And it’s this easy: Go to the app store and search for “progros invoice”. You will find all the important information and background about the progros app here. Do you have any questions?


We are here for you! We promise.

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Brit Haase, Customer Service Director (left)
Christine Fröde, Central Purchasing Administration Manager (right)